SF aesthetics in fashion

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

For someone who is quite obsessed with the creation of nature, it's pretty strange my other obsession with robots and SF aesthetics. My first contact with this genre was in primary school when I accidentally end up in school library after I realize I will need to read my summer school literature so I could get a passing grade. But in one moment I saw a book with a very weird and strange cover, that held title The Word for World is Forest, written by Ursula Le Guin in 1972. I asked my librarian what is that book about, and got an answer that is the book that is not so for my age. But I borrow it, anyway. I liked the book very much, especially the cover, although I am not very much a book worm. From that period I remember I was fascinated with idea of life on another planet with beautiful beaches and trees, but many years later I realized another much deeper story in that book, story about human concurring and destructive nature, and some very interesting dreaming beings from another planet that are truly in love with their planet, and ready to stop for a moment with dreaming and fight for it against humans. These sophisticated fashion moments reminded me very much of a genre that is no longer popular as it used to be before. I am so in love with this futuristic moment in fashion.

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