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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Do you belong to those people who can not do anything without cat around, people known as cat botherer type of people? I am one of these freaks. After my fourteen years old cat died, more than two years ago, I just wasn't myself at all, but recently I got lovely little gray creature, this time girl cat, British short-hair, I will write more about her some other time, she deserves more than just a mention because she is someone I just can watch all day long, and feel like day lasted just for an hour.

But this time I wanted to share with you one gorgeous British indie brand Miss Patina, for all those cats inside girls. Lovely vintage but modern collections inspired by cats, flowers, and generally world of small happiness moments.

Below you will find parts of their cat-inspired collections and a song that goes perfectly with those lovely cat collars and dresses.


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