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'60s bandwagon

What is your favorite era? Mine are those crazy '60s days, so much good music, Andy Warhol pop art, comics, colorful vibes, surf rock and all that stylish, fun, charming craziness. So for today post, I prepared some beautiful makeup mood board from that era, that is still very trendy on catwalks as well as among popular young girls on Instagram.

This era is recognizable by tree lovey ladies from the '60s, so-called queens of the '60s and, Brigitte Bardot, Sharon Tate and hero of catwalk Miss Twiggy.

So big eyes, eyeliner, pale lips, big eyelashes and there you go, 60's look.

In the end, you will find my favorite thing from this era, girly 60's music playlist. Enjoy!


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