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SAFO MARKO-Udarnik girl

In February, I visited Pristine for the second time to see the part of the exhibition at the Kosovo Contemporary Art Center called Public Intimacy. This part of the exhibition, among other authors, is about female illustration author Safo Marko (1925-2012), one of the most talented Albanian graphic artists and authors of political posters from the 20th century. Her works, such as drawing, paintings, political posters, illustrations are part of many important Albanian museum collections.

Safo Marko was born in 1925. in Thessaloniki Greece, and during 1942. she becomes a member of the National Liberation movement in Albania. During 1969. she made these gorgeous illustrations with the figure of a woman in female liberation struggle and building the new world. You will see that lovely soft female sensibility mixed with strong and sharp messages that were part of the liberation struggle, so-called left wing aesthetics.

Hope you will find interesting these photos of Safo Marko's illustrations and see in her work inspiration for the female struggle today or maybe for some art project of your own as well. Enjoy!

#art #illustration #feminism #albania #kosovo #artist

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