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Creative VS. Corporate

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

If you ever think of how designers create those products you are buying in that lovely corporate shops, here is a small part of that creative part of the story. The first step is researching the popular themes, trends, colors, and general street and internet vibes. After that, reality part of the job, you have to create a story for your sale managers and art directors, mood board to present your ideas for your collections. The better mood board, less headache for poor designers. After you get a green alert for your ideas, you start the loveliest part - not reality part, creating an ideal color palette, drawing illustration, picking fabrics, creating garment shape, creating fabric print designs, and in the end completing your collection design. Then, again you are back in the reality, and need good luck above all, you need another green light from sale managers and art directors for finished collection design. Mostly I think that if your managers had a good sleep at night you will be lucky and your collection will be just fine and approved for the next step. Next step is a little boring, preparing everything for productions, and patiently wait for hard-working Chinese to send you color and print samples, fabric and garment samples. When that DHL guy with package arrived it is almost like that I AM IN LOVE feeling in the stomach. If every color and other details are fine you are approving productions for your Chinese friends. And, VOILA! Here it is a brand new collection ready for all of us. And if your collections is good for sale part of the story, you will last some period in that cruel, so called civilazed world. For now things are like that, we will see what future bring us, maybe we become little less beasts and little more people. Here is one of the processes I did at my corporate job, and some gorgeous videos of creative and production processes in the apparel industry that Marimekko and JCrew did.

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